American Fitness

Tamara Crosby

“They have given me a great perspective when I get frustrated or discouraged when I am struggling with a move or exercise that it took me 20-25 years to get to where I started and it has only taken 6 months to undo it all and move forward.”

“They take the time to really look at you as an individual and what is going to work for you and where is the problem stemming from rather than expecting that the same things will work for every client. They may have ten clients doing the same exercise, but the biggest difference is it may be for ten very different reasons why each client is doing it.”

“They have explained things to me in a way that it makes sense for me in relating it to my horses or skiing and I have heard them explain the same thing to someone else in terms of golf swings and fly fishing. He takes the time to get to know his clients well enough that he is able to do that for them.”

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