The One Factor That Changes Everything

A single factor overwhelmingly determines your success in life. It maximizes your talent and intelligence and minimizes roadblocks and negative circumstances. It determines your physical health and financial security. It colors your personal and professional relationships. It affects your well-being and longevity. Without it, even people with exceptional genes, good luck, privileged backgrounds or superior[…]

A Healthy Body

We have all heard the saying; “a healthy body, a healthy mind”, right? Most of us greatly under-utilize and neglect the noodle!! Furthermore there is a strong relationship between obesity and brain activity. As your waist size increases your brain size decreases. Yikes!! That’s enough to scare the fat off anyone… Here are 3 tips[…]

Jim Taylor

“I’ve seen immense improvements in core strength, flexibility, weight, and lifestyle number like cholesterol and blood pressure. I feel much better and I’m able to focus and concentrate much easier.” “They have a holistic approach with incredible attention to detail and outstanding support through regular check-ins and great motivation.”